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www.zlzlife.com is our newest and the only official online shopping site, mainly running sales of the latest cool electronic devices, clothes and various practical tools

That could help you lead a better life.


To ensure your safety and health, we offer qualified products such as baby monitors, oximeters and mosquito repellent bracelet to take care of your whole family.

To make your daily life more comfortable, you can choose great sunglasses, mascaras , cool jeans and laser hair removal etc, on our online shop, too.

To offer you wonderful gadgets, we have cool cellphone cases, iPad&iPhone cases or covers of different versions with a really fair price, and other related accessories

 are available as well.What’s more amazing is that we will put more interesting and useful devices on our shelves to add much more fun for your home and office.

All the products we select elaborately for you will surely be of good quality and stylish with good taste. As we are growing more mature, the products on this web will

update accordingly and you can always find the perfect good that fits you well!

Our Values

All people of our teams are not only great fans of hi-tech products, but also are very good at and have  abundant experience in goods sales areas. We have gained excellent insight and expertise in offering the best products

For our customers who give us precious trust. The products we select are designed by our talented designers, shaped by our qualified factories and shipped by convenient express

delivery. We have faith that the goods that reach you would be exactly what you dream of.

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Company Name : Shen Zhen Zhuo Le Dian Zi Shang Wu You Xian Gong Si

Address:Qian Hai Shen Gang He Zuo Qu Qian Wan Yi Lu 1 Hao A Dong 201 shi, Nan Shan Qu,   Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Email : hi@zlzlife.com    DianDian1989@hotmail.com

Tel : +86 075523592061

Phone : +86 18680302615